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Samuel Legge Photography

Ellabella Media collaborated with Samuel Legge Photography to develop social media market research and a social media strategy for their new brand.

Air BnB Welcome packs!

Ellabella Media teamed up with a delightful couple to whip up a whimsical floral Airbnb package tailor-made for their cosy countryside cottage. From crafting designs to penning captivating copy and digging up all the juicy deets, Ellabella Media had an absolute blast bringing this project to life!

NR Events!

Ellabella Media has teamed up with NR Events to handle event administration for a major conference in London this month. It's wonderful to be working with NR Events again and, of course, Honey, the office dog, had to join in to lend a paw!

Sandford Parks Lido

Ellabella Media collaborated with Sandford Parks Lido as a marketing officer. My role involved revitalising the Sandford Parks Lido brand by establishing branding guidelines, reaching out to media outlets for digital advertising, creating artwork for the summer season (such as new board signs, leaflets, membership packs, and a fresh design for the monthly newsletter), as well as managing their social media and website content.

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